Thursday, March 5, 2015

An examination of the physical and temporal parameters of post-physical printmaking practice: exploring new modes of collaboration, distribution and consumption resulting from digital processes & networked participation.

Thesis - 

Please follow this link to access the published thesis from the British Library
or this link to access the thesis from Robert Gordon University

Portfolio of Artistic Practice and Public Outputs:

A digital portfolio of the associated websites and researcher’s artistic practice and public output accompany this thesis containing the following materials:

Artistic Practice - Research Probe 1 Digital Print Exchange

        a Terms and Conditions for Digital Print Exchange

        b Documentation Form for Digitally Mediated Submission of Digital Prints

        c "Born Digital - New Materialities" Digital Print Exchange Portfolio

Artistic Practice - Research Probe 2 Code as Process

       a) Research Probe 2 Code as Process Table of works

       b) Probe 2a "kinetic1" this probe requires Java plug-in to be installed on your computer  (not suitable for tablets)

       c) Probe 2 "objectile3" this probe requires Flash plug-in to be installed on your computer (not suitable for tablets)

Artistic Practice - Research Probe 3 The Print as Portal

       a) Probe, 3.1 “Labyrinths”

       b) Probe 3.2“Four Walks @ 55 Degrees North”

       c) Video - about “Four Walks @ 55 Degrees North”

Artistic Practice - Research Probe 4 “Picture Space - Walking in a Garden of Forking Paths” - Please follow this link

Public Output - Paper - Born Digital* New Materialities

Public Output - Paper - Social Networking and Affinity Spaces

Public Output - Paper - The Digital Matrix and the Paperless Print

Public Output - Paper - Walking in the Garden of Forking Paths – examining notions of  ‘post-physical’ printmaking in digital space.

Public Output - Probes Exposition

       a) Probes Exposition - Exposition Photographs

       b) Probes Exposition - Video
       c) Probes Exposition - Introductory Panels
       d) Probes Exposition - Main panels probes 1,2,3 & 4
       e) Probes Exposition - List of references
        f) Probes Exposition - Guest book
       g) Probes Exposition - Flyer
       h) Probes Exposition - Instruction panels

• Public Output - Seminar The work from this research (whilst in progress) was presented for peer review as a part of the “Discussions Around the Research Table” (DART) seminar series, which presents research by students, and staff of Grays School of Art at RGU during April 2012. Introduced and chaired by Dr Jon Pengelly the researcher outlined notions of Post Physical Printmaking including work with Augmented Reality 'Prints' and Dr Daniel C. Doolan, Mobile Interaction Group (MIG), School of Computing IDEAS made a presentation on current work in augmented reality. 

The seminar also included a practical demonstration/workshop in AR using prototype AR artworks.